Upward mobility in the digital age

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February 25, 2018 – 7:00 PM


Prof. François Blanchet Executive Director of Marketing, Admissions & Careers, École des Ponts Business School

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Prof. François Blanchet
Executive Director of Marketing, Admissions & Careers, École des Ponts Business School
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Insights on redefining career success and avoiding pitfalls

The conversation usually starts with: “What is the return on investment of a business degree at your school?”

“Well, if you’re an engineer from Ahmedabad and end up working in Paris or Munich after your degree, then you multiply your salary by 10 or 20. And if you’re a lawyer from London and end up launching a startup after your degree, then you divide it by 10 or 20.”


“What about you? What’s your dream job?”

Professionals and executives reflecting on their career strategy are often influenced by frameworks inherited from their early years and misconceptions perpetuated by (outdated) conventional wisdom. The corporate world has changed tremendously over the last few decades, and so has society altogether. Companies are no longer growing, recruiting, and rewarding talent as they used to, just in the space of 10 years. This transformation is an ongoing one and will undoubtedly gain speed as new technologies such as AI further challenge the organization of labor and the distribution of wealth.

So, what are the new forms of career success in our current era of disruption? Are skills and education still relevant assets to play the game of upward mobility in a corporate world with ever-shifting needs? These questions, and others, are the daily lot of business schools today and the same is true for our careers and alumni offices.

Prof Blanchet looks forward to sharing his insights and engaging in a conversation on the future of executive career development with the members of the Indian Professionals Association on February 25th, 2018.

Speaker’s Profile
François Blanchet is the Executive Director of Marketing, Admissions and Careers at École des Ponts Business School. With his team, he provides career guidance and admissions counseling to hundreds of engineers, professionals and executives each year.

His journey at École des Ponts started in 2010, when he simultaneously joined the School’s Executive MBA and took over the marketing and graduate students recruitment initiatives. Over the last few years, École des Ponts Business School has significantly evolved, building on a student-centric approach and a strong belief that technology and business are the leading forces which can change our world for the better. In this process of transformation, François has played the privileged role of being the customer’s advocate, sharing insights received from prospective students, MBA, E-MBA and Executive DBA participants, as well as from alumni and partnering companies.

François has a passion for professional and personal development. Throughout his career in the training and staffing industries, he has designed numerous training programs, conferences and marketing campaigns focused on fostering skill acquisition and career advancement. He introduced executive coaching at École des Ponts Business School and redesigned the school’s leadership and career development programs. François also gives lectures and leads workshops on personal branding and networking skills.
IPA, France is honoured to have Prof Blanchet as the chief guest.

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