The French Attractiveness and Competitiveness Debate: Some Facts and Figures

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January 26, 2013 – 7:00 PM


Christophe Hémery

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Christophe is in charge of Marketing & Business Development of Inbound Business Services and the Indian Business Network at Ernst & Young France.
As such, his job is to develop business with foreign companies in France, especially Indian ones.
Prior to joining Ernst & Young, Christophe established a network of correspondent banking partners in South Asia for the Paris branch of Bahraini bank Arab Banking Corporation and was senior consultant and production manager at Finnish information broker Esmerk.
Christophe has a long experience of Indo-French relations, dating back to the 80’s. He has spent several years in India, as a student and for business.
He worked for a variety of private and public sector organizations in relation with India including the French Ministry of Defense, Unifrance Film, Alliance française, Editions Gallimard, etc.
He has started and led Market and Competitive Intelligence Services at Ernst & Young for 10 years.
He has published articles on Indo-French relations and other topics in Défense nationale, Le moniteur du commerce international, Géo, etc.
Christophe is a post graduate in:

Information science (CNAM)
International relations (Langues’O)
Hindi litterature (Sorbonne)
Export management (Dauphine).


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