The East moves West and The West moves East

Event Date & Time

March 24, 2013 – 7:00 PM


H. E. Sheikh Humaid Al Maani, Ambassador of Sultanate of Oman to France.

Event Details

H. E. Sheikh Humaid Al Maani is actual Ambassador of Sultanate of Oman to France. Previously, H.E. Sheikh Al Maani was ambassador of Oman to India and non-resident ambassador to Nepal, Maldives, Seychelles, Singapore and Sri Lanka.
After a brief introduction about Indo-Oman relations which date back to Indus Valley civilization through trade contacts and through maritime links between the two countries, an overview will be given by two IPA members about the recent Indo-Oman economic and strategic ties as well as Oman as an emerging economy in the gulf region.
After this brief introduction, H.E Sheikh Humaid Al Maani, will take us on a dream travel to this country with a strategic importance in the gulf region having a view on the strait of Hormuz and whose control extended as far as Zanzibar in the 19thcentury.
H. E. Al Maani will talk to us about the reforms on which Sultan Qaboos embarked his country since the 1970. The economic development, the foreign direct investment, the tourism, the relations between Oman and India, two countries having signed a strategic partnership in 2008.
This event provides us with a unique occasion to learn about Oman, its population, its traditions, its environment, its geo-strategic importance, its economic development and its challenges & opportunities in a global and moving world.


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