Technology & Infrastructure as the backbone of development

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April 25, 2021 – 5:30 pm


Rajendra IYER

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Rajendra IYER, Managing Director, GE Grid Integration Solutions

IPA member, Raj Iyer has more than 2 decades of expertise on HVDV (high voltage DC transmission) and project engineering knowledge coupled with an international management experience. As a senior executive, Raj has built his career during 24 years with the Swedish-Swiss Multinational: ABB Group (formerly ASEA Brown Boveri), a pioneering technology leader working in India, Sweden, China, Japan and Zurich. He was born and grew up in India and holds an Engineering Degree in Industrial Electronics from the University of Pune. He earned his Executive MBA degree from IMD Lausanne, Switzerland.


Governments and policy planners in many major economies are focussing more and more attention on developing infrastructure while varying challenges are faced by each depending upon their geographic specificities and the landscape of pre-existing infrastructure. However, it is imperative that all such development occurs without aggravating global warming and severe climate changes. And that can only by achieved by abandoning all fossil- based power sources and switching to clean, renewable energy. Raj Iyer, our chief guest speaker, will be happy to help the IPA audience to understand what exactly is at stake in terms of clean energy grids and their ever more importance amidst growing environmental concerns. His address will be followed by Q & A.


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