On becoming a Startup Nation

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September 29, 2019 – 6:00 pm


Joseph Gonzalez - Joseph Gonzalez and Partners, Consultancy

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Joseph helps entrepreneurs to meet their challenges and develop their business.

In his own words :

Throughout my career, I developed the qualities of an entrepreneur, both in companies that I created (10 start-ups) and the large groups for which I worked (intrapreneur). I have always focused on helping my colleagues develop their skills and achieve their professional goals, thereby maximizing the company's performance.

I have a 25 years international track record: business strategy, innovative business models, organization and management, strong value propositions design, complex sales at a high level, implementation of alliances and strategic partnerships, ...

My field is New Technologies since 30 years: software and solutions, Artificial Intelligence, integration services, consulting and training.

My main qualities are enthusiasm, charisma, reliability and leadership.

Joseph is currently coaching companies such as Creactives, PAD Consulting and Digital Crush.
He has founded eleven companies himself, and publishes widely.

Event Description

On becoming a Startup Nation - Characteristics, Potentials and Challenges, and Strategic Implications for developing countries like India

Most of the developing and developed nations are looking at "Startup Business" as the main engine of growth in the next decade. France is deeply committed to this approach. The "Startup India" project of our PM is well known.

Our esteemed speaker is going to discuss the characteristics of this approach, how France is planning to use it to achieve their growth targets, the infrastructure required to support such ventures, the challenges faced by the young entrepreneurs and his advice on how to be successful.

This will provide insights into the challenges of the start-up ecosystem in India.

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