Off-shoring and Outsourcing: Benefits to Europe and India

India has become one of the most favored destinations for outsourcing. Out sourcing sectors are growing at very high rates contributing significantly to the growth of national income and employment opportunities for the educated in India. The discussions in the next monthly meeting of IPA will center around this issue. The topic for presentation and discussion will be : “Off-shoring and Outsourcing : Benefits to Europe and India” The speaker is : Mr. Kushal Dastenavar, Director of Sales of Infotech, France. This is a Company specialized in outsourcing Indian talents abroad. It is our pleasure to welcome Mr. Dastenewar as a speaker to our meeting.

Agenda Time:

19.00 hrs: Members’ arrival and social intermixing
19.30 hrs: Welcome by N.V.Varghese, President, IPA
19.40 – 20.15 hrs: Presentation by Mr. Kushal Dastenawar
20.15 – 20.30 hrs: Question and answer session
20.30 hrs: Discussion continues along with dinner

Event Date & Time

February 24, 2008 –


Rani Mahal, 9 rue Saint Augustin, Paris 75002 (Metro : Quatre Septembre), Tel:

Tenue de Ville

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