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September 18, 2022 – 7 pm


Myrto Tripathi

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Myrto TRIPATHI is an energy-transition specialist and the role of nuclear energy in the fight against climate change. She is the founder president of ‘des Voix du Necléaire’ and RePlanet France, both environmental NGOs imparting scientific and technical education. In 2014 before joining in COP21 negotiations, as Director she led negotiations for export of EPR. She worked in the UN Global Compact in France for 4 years and participated as Climate Policy Director for various COP initiatives concerning climate before opting to join the civil society in 2018 for voluntary work. She earned her industrial engineering degree from North Carolina State University. She is also an HEC degree holder with a Major in entrepreneurship. Myrto was also solicited by the Prime Minister’s cabinet twice: 1) in 2013 as auditor of the 66th session of Defence Policy at Hautes Etudes de Defense Nationale and 2) in 2021 for the 1st session of Hautes Etudes de Service Public course. As a professional, Myrto continues to pursue her interest in development of applied artificial intelligence for optimisation of complex systems. Besides, she teaches at Science Po and regularly intervenes via media and publications. She is the author of ‘LA BATAILLE POUR LE CLIMAT’ published by Genése in 2020.

Event Description

Synopsis: With headline news dominating environmental catastrophes emanating from climate change on daily basis, no wonder energy transition is asserting itself as the primary issue. States, enterprises and in fact citizens of the world are looking to organize for a transformation of energy sources to stem earth warming and save the planet. Sadly though, nothing seems to be achieved. What prevents the humanity to take steps so essential that the planet needs immediately? The solutions exist: technical, physical and behavioural! We can, right from now, choose an energy-mix allowing us to adapt progressively to the climate change with minimal sacrifice. Nuclear, one of the key solutions and yet largely opposed with misinformation and mistrust. How’s it possible that tested and scientifically proven truth is yet to be accepted? Myrto will help us understand the issues and possible way out. Q&A will follow her talk.

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Jodhpur Palace Restaurant, 12 Allée Vivaldi, 75012 Paris - Tel: 01 43 40 72 46

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