Event Date & Time

June 30, 2024 – 11:30 AM onwards


Vijay Singh

Event Details

We are thrilled to invite you to a captivating session at our next IPA Luncheon, featuring the renowned Paris-based filmmaker and author, Vijay Singh. Join us at the Jodhpur Palace as we explore the profound intersections of cinema, art, and society.

Event Highlight: “Cinema: A Reflection of Reality or Mere Entertainment?”

Vijay Singh, celebrated for his visually stunning and intellectually rich films, will lead a thought-provoking discussion on the dual role of cinema in modern society. With a career that spans across continents and cultures, Singh brings unique insights into how films can transcend entertainment to reflect and shape societal values and human experiences.

What to Expect

Insightful Discussion: Vijay will share his experiences and perspectives on how legendary filmmakers like Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen have influenced audience perceptions and societal norms, both in India and France.

Interactive Q&A limited to 10 minutes: Engage directly with Vijay in a dynamic Q&A session where you can explore the themes discussed and share your views.

Networking Opportunity: Connect with fellow professionals and cinema enthusiasts in an inspiring setting, fostering new relationships and collaborations.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear from a master storyteller who challenges the boundaries between the real and the surreal, bringing new dimensions to everyday narratives. Whether you are a cinephile, a professional in the creative industries, or simply interested in the cultural impact of cinema, this luncheon promises enriching insights and lively discussions.

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We look forward to welcoming you to an afternoon of cinema, conversation, and community at the Jodhpur Palace.

Participation Fee

€ 35

Mode of Payment:

by cheque or credit card payable directly to the restaurant on arrival (IPA members can use coupons if available)


Jodhpur Palace, angle 42 ALLEE vivaldi 16 rue Antoine-Julien Hénard, 75012 Paris

Tenue de Ville

timely arrival requested to facilitate better interactions with members, guests and new members.


RSVP Reply Member Name Name of Guest(s) No of Veg No of Non-Veg
Yes Bhasker Deka 00 00 01
Yes Indian Embassy Delegate 00 01 00
Yes Jaintilal 00 00 01
Yes Durlabh Vasudeva Nirmal Vasudeva 2 0
Yes Durlabh Vasudeva Nirmal Vasudeva 2 0
Yes Prem Puri Mrs Shashi Puri 0 2
Yes Sam Taniga 0 1
Yes Writtwik Banerjee 00 01
Yes Vipin Sharma Rachna Sharma 1 1
Yes Chandan badhan Poushali 1 1
Yes Deepak MATHUR 1 01 01


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