Is Indian politics ushering into a New Era

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September 29, 2013 – 7:00 PM


Mr. Philippe HUMBERT

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Since 2005, Philippe Humbert is acting as an independent adviser to companies wishing to develop business in India. From 1990 until 2004, he was senior Vice President International Development for Safran group. In 1985-1988, he was posted in New Delhi in charge of Alcatel Group operations in India. He published a book “The Rajiv Gandhi years” published in 1991.

He is also a close observer of the Indian political scene and is associated with Foundation Jean – Jaurès, a think tank based in Paris, for which he writes articles on Indian politics. He was a member of François Hollande’s official delegation in February 2013.

Philippe will like to share with you his views on next general elections. Since 2011-2012, India has entered in a new era (economic slowdown, governance issues, a shaky coalition in Delhi…). What are the political scenarios: UPA clashing against NDA, or an emerging Federal (or third Front)? What will be the defining campaign topics? Probably secularism, inclusive growth, good governance? How it will translate into real politics? Will international issues (Afghanistan, climate change, international trade …) be leveraged, or just forgotten?


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