IPA Musical Evening with Songs and Antakshri in virtual mode via ZOOM

Event Date & Time

May 16, 2020 – 19:00

Event Details

Instead of wondering the whys and hows of our current situation, how ‘bout getting together to listen to some real music virtuous among us and perhaps trying your hand at a song or two

The proposed singers are our lovely Praveena Bhandari, our energetic President Deepak Mathur; our fun loving Vimal Khosla and our enthusiastic enabler Prem Puri. The last two are finding out about their nominations right as they read this.

For those who may have difficulties joining, please send us an email, Chaya and Prashant a private mail in the coming days. Prashant and I will help you onboard on zoom privately during the week.

MODUS OPERANDI : The idea is simple : The designated singers will start the evening by singing a song each.

The rest of us will then get assigned to two teams arbitrarily. We will get the AI to distribute us.

The lead singer of team A will then start the antakshari by the end word/sound of the last song sung.

We will try and keep it smoother by using chat boxes to write our choice of songs

Looking forward to seeing you all next Saturday.

Organisation of the session

  • Two rounds of individual songs
  • Followed by three groups playing Antakshari
  • People assigned to the teams according to order that they connect on zoom
  • Chhaya Anchor, Prashant Tech

The link for the zoom call, meeting ID and password shall be sent via email directly to all interested members for privacy and security reasons.

Participation Fee



Zoom Call

Tenue de Ville

- Connect 15 minutes before the call
- Get your drinks and snack ready
- Prepare your vocal chords & Join in...

RSVP closed as this is a past event.