The Indian Professionals Association cordially invites you to its Annual Day conference:

Frontiers of Humanity: Is AI becoming less artificial and more intelligent? Implications for Society


Date & Time: June16, 2018 : 3 PM

Venue*: Maison de l’Inde, Cité Universitaire, 7 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris


Theme introduction:


Since several decades we are familiar with AI based applications such as credit cards, search engines (Google et al), a semi intelligent voice machine cautioning us to make a U-turn to regain the correct path to the destination… Many such devices loaded with AI have already become items of necessity we cannot do without. And many more are on way: Self-driven cars taking you to your destination without having to bother about road conditions, a robot running errands at the flick of a button… Machines accomplishing specific problem solving or reasoning tasks nearly at par with human intelligence. These are some of the illustrations how AI could help humans live a comfortable life. However, there is a downside too emanating from unbridled advances of AI. The world chess champion Gary Kasparov not happy to be defeated by IBM’s “Deep Blue” in 1997 rightly quipped: “If you program a machine, you know what it’s capable of. If the machine is programming itself, who knows what it might do?” Needless to say, scientists, societies and governments will have to deal with AI related challenges, many yet to be fully identified.


Esteemed speakers** from academia, consulting and industry will share their insight in crisp, thought provoking interventions


MR Vinay Mohan Kwatra                Ambassador of India to France  

Ms Claudia Lacerda                        Interventional Cardiology Clinical Specialist at Siemens Healthineers       

Mr Amit Kumar Pandey                   Head Principal Scientist at Softbank Robotics                                                                               

Mr Alon Rozen                                 Dean, Ecole des Ponts Business School & Professor of Innov. & Management                      

Mr Kary Bheemaiah                        Head of Research at Uchange & Research Scientist at Cambridge Univ.


Moderator: Dr Suman Modwel, Emeritus Professor of Business Policy at the Ecole des Ponts Business School, Paris


IPA DAY 2018 Organising Committee members will look forward to welcoming you to, what we trust, will be a very exciting 2018 IPA Day. Event is free but registration obligatory for all attendees.


Registration already open via an email to :       ipaday2018@gmail.com

* Public transport network: RER B & Tramway T3a : Arrêt Cité Universitaire

**Please see brochure for speakers’ profiles and program details

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