India’s future and energy

The challenge of meeting expanding energy needs of a high growth economy in an environmentally responsible manner

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September 30, 2018 – 19:00


Shankar Krishnamoorthy

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Shankar Krishnamoorthy, a graduate of Delhi College of Engineering, is an energy industry professional who has been at Engie in Paris since one year. His responsibilities cover:
– Strategy
– Business Development Oversight
– Research & Technologies
– Group’s five “Métiers”
– Tractebel and ENGIE Solar

Professional career
2017: Strategy, Business Development Oversight, Research & Technologies, Group’s five “Métiers”, Tractebel and ENGIE Solar
2016: Managing Director – Centralised Generation Métier and Chairman of Solaire direct, based in London.
2014: EVP, Business Development, ENGIE Energy International, based in London.
2007: EVP, Business Development, MENA, Energy International, based in Dubai.
2002: BD/Chief Business Developer, APAC and Africa, Energy International, based in Bangkok.
1997: CBD/CEO/Director, Tractebel Energy South Asia, based in India.
1982: Various construction, PM and business development roles at BHEL, CGL, based in India.

Event Description
Speaker(s): Shankar Krishnamoorthy, accompanied by Jaideep Sandhu and Ramani Hariharan, energy professionals based in Paris

Access to energy is a key driver for the development of societies.

But over a hundred million Indians still do not have access to electricity and many more are without access to clean cooking gas.

At the same time, India (together with China and roughly equally) will install half the global electricity generation facilities over the next quarter of a century.

The talk will cover:

– Energy needs and lacunae of a high growth economy

– A brief history of India’s energy sector

– Environmental challenges and recent successes in greening the sector

– Comparison with other countries, notably China

– What the future has in store

Shankar will be happy to take questions from the audience together with Jaideep and Ramani (earlier based in Engie London, who have joined Engie in Paris recently).

The three together have nearly hundred years of experience in the energy sector all over the world.

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