The topic for presentation and discussion will be: Perspectives on Indian banking and the Current Global Crisis. The global financial markets are showing strains on a scale not experienced for decades. Starting with losses on US subprime mortgages, the crisis has spread across borders drying up liquidity and inflicting heavy losses to financial institutions. India is an integral part of the global financial changes and its banking system is influenced by these external pressures. Let us learn more about it in the next meeting. The speaker is: Mr. Santanu Mukherjee, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), State Bank of India, Paris Schedule: 19.00 hrs Members’ arrival and social intermixing 19.30 hrs Welcome by N.V.Varghese, President, IPA 19.40 – 20.15 hrs Presentation by Mr. S. Mukherjee 20.15 -20.30 hrs Question and answer session 20.30 hrs Discussion continues along with dinner.

Please note that IPA election results will be announced during the meeting.

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