Franco Indian industrialist Sharad Tripathi

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March 27, 2022 – 7 PM


Franco Indian industrialist Sharad Tripathi

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Sharad Tripathi took B.Tech. in aerospace from IIT Kanpur in 1969, followed by 3rd cycles in Maths and Mechanics from Paris university. He worked for French Space agency CNES 1973-75 and then for nuclear agency CEA 1975-84. In 1984, he took over as south European director of an American firm defence industry firm PISCES International till 1987 before starting his own engineering firms Transoft and Fluidyn first in France and then in India. The two firms develop various engineering equipment and process design, besides modelling of industrial accidents by mathematical simulation. Initially it was for nuclear and defence industry. Now it is handling more projects for chemical and civil industries. Though Fluidyn group is present in India since 1991 as technical support centre, it is only since 2018, it started business operations in India. Presently major Nuclear, Aerospace, Petrochem and Chemical sectors are using Fluidyn tools and services. Defence industry is also using a number of ‘India made’ simulation tools from Fluidyn group.

Event Synopsis

Sharad was one of the founding members of IPA but went AWOL (!) for many years. He is asked to account for all he had been up to and apply for pardon. He may also expand on his analysis of the
‘Impact of new technologies, e.g. Artificial Intelligence, especially on industrial and agricultural sectors Indian’.

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by cheque or credit card payable directly to the restaurant on arrival (IPA members can use coupons if available).


Jodhpur Palace Restaurant, 12 Allée Vivaldi, 75012 Paris - Tel: 01 43 40 72 46

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