Event Date & Time

October 29, 2023 – 12.30pm


Mr. Ameya Dandekar

Event Details

Greetings, esteemed members!

We are setting the stage for an unparalleled learning experience that underscores the importance of financial literacy in today's dynamic world. A blend of knowledge, inspiration, and community awaits you. On behalf of IPA, it is my utmost pleasure to invite you, as well as your friends and acquaintances, to be part of this transformative event. Let's come together to amplify our understanding and empower our financial futures.

Why we at the IPA believe that this talk is a must-attend?

Diving into the world of finance might seem daunting, but we believe in making it approachable for everyone. Led by Ameya Dandekar, our discussion will not only dive into the complexities of human behavior and its impact on global markets but also touch upon relatable personal finance queries like:

  • How do behavioral tendencies influence our savings and spending habits?
  • What role does emotion play in investment decisions?
  • How can understanding behavioral finance help in effective debt management?
  • Are we inherently biased when it comes to risk assessment in personal finance?
  • How can behavioral insights optimise retirement planning?

A special note to our women participants, especially those joining alongside their spouses: your engagement and participation are highly encouraged. Your unique perspectives and questions can truly enrich our discussion. Together, let's make finance engaging and accessible for everyone.

Join us as we make the world of finance more relatable, understandable, and engaging for all.

Speaker's Profile

A scholar par excellence, Mr. Ameya Dandekar boasts a rich academic pedigree that spans across continents and top-tier institutions.

From 2016-2018, Ameya pursued a Master's in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Pune, standing in the top 2% of his class. His coursework delved deep into HR Management & Development, Personnel and Recruitment, and Psychometrics.

His thirst for knowledge then took him to the UK, where, in 2019-2020, he secured the prestigious PGT Excellence Scholarship at the University of Stirling. Here, he specialized in Behavioral Science for Management, finishing in the top 10% of the class. His focus areas included Linear and Non-linear Modelling, Rationality, and the nuances of Behavioral Science.

Currently, from 2021 to 2023, Ameya has been gracing the renowned Paris School of Economics and Panthéon-Sorbonne as a Charpak Scholarship holder. His Master's journey in Economics and Psychology has provided him with expertise in Econometrics, Game Theory, Behavioural Finance, and Experimental Economics.

With such a multifaceted background, Mr. Dandekar is uniquely positioned to shed light on Behavioral Finance and its vast applications. We are indeed privileged to have him address our gathering on the 29th October.

Together, let's redefine the boundaries of understanding and community. See you there!

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€ 35

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by cheque or credit card payable directly to the restaurant on arrival (IPA members can use coupons if available)


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