Exponential Technologies of the Future

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November 29, 2015 – 7:00 PM



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Amit is a Production Engineer and is an MBA by qualification. He has built his career in Data Analytics Consultancy while serving various Executive and Leadership roles in India, China, Singapore and Indonesia. Through all these years, he has been an avid follower of Technology. With this inspiration, he joined the Singularity University Program at the NASA Ames research center in Mountainview California a couple of years ago.

The Singularity University alumni are a melange of Scientists, Medical professionals, Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists who are in the quest to help us find solutions for all the needs that humanity will have in the future, including, but not limited, to the challenges of world hunger and climate change. With this in mind, SU incubates start-ups who are aligned with these values and vision.

In the presentation, Amit will make a plea for Optimism, through Exponential Thinking. The media landscape today thrives on feeding us negative news. And yet, despite that, Human Ingenuity, through the use of technology, has managed to and will continue to overcome the toughest of obstacles that lie ahead in the future.

The path is not going to be a bed of roses. There will need to be a lot of thought and debate… especially around Technological unemployment and widening Economic disparity. The definition of a ‘JOB’ and ‘WORK’ may undergo a change. But, technology will provide the solutions that will help us not only survive, but thrive on our march into the future. In the presentation, we will take a peek into Future technology of the next 5-20 years and the impact that it will have on us.

We will require a mind-set change from Linear thinking to Exponential thinking. Amit will try to provide you an early start for this journey.

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