Engineering globalisation and Megatrends, Implications for India

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October 28, 2018 – 19:00


Kushal Dastenavar

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Kushal Dastenavar is Global Head of Industry and Electronics at ALTRAN, Paris.

He was born at Belgaum, India and has been residing in St Germain en Laye since 2004.

A mechanical engineer by training, Kushal also has an MBA from India and an Executive MBA from HEC, Paris.

Kushal has around 25 years of international work experience (of which 11 years in India and 14 years in Europe), covering various leading roles in Product engineering and engineering consulting firms. Prior to joining Altran in 2012, Kushal worked in Thermax, BPL group and Infotech.

He has been a guest speaker at seminars in India and Europe (HEC Paris, Solvay-Belgium etc).

Kushal is married to Ashwini, Textile Engineer and MBA, working in Paris as Country Manager for an Engineering company. They have two sons 16 & 11 years old

The interactive session would cover:
* Megatrends of the Engineering world: Digitisation, Disruption
* Global spread of Engineering activity
* Its promise for India

The world of Engineering is fascinating and it is interesting to examine the manner in which fast-changing technologies have been transforming modern life.

Back to basics, let us consider what this engineering world is comprised of:
- The large Engineering companies and corporations
- Management of their Research and Development
- India's key role in enabling this technological revolution.

Let us deep dive on how India is re-emerging as a super-power, leveraging connectivity and the internet.

With the wind in its sail, let us ponder on what it will take for India to ride on the growth wave:
- Global education, global awareness and mindset
- Skill-set / competency expectations to match the needs
→ Huge potential for growth in captives
→ IT services companies: Many jobs
- A paradigm shift in attitude - ability and ownership in the execution of tasks

We'll demonstrate this emerging future through some videos.

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