Emergent Global warming and Climate Reality

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May 31, 2015 – 7:00 PM



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DEBORAH JENNER, an Art Historian with a PhD from the Sorbonne University, teaches at the Catholic Institute of Paris. Her research has traced artwork promoting ecology and sustainable architecture. She is one of Al Gore’s Climate Reality leaders, trained by him personally at a 5-day workshop in Istanbul in June 2013. In February this year in Delhi, Al Gore, former US Vice President and Nobel laureate (Peace Prize 2007) also carried out workshop to train over 500 Climate Reality leaders while presenting his latest findings specifically linked to India. He has made these available to Deborah along with a selection of over 300 PPT slides, graphic animations and striking footage explaining the most recent scientific data.

Today, she will share with us her knowledge and experience as a volunteer Climate Reality Leader in an attempt to demystify climate reality in simple, non-scientific terms. She will offer some stories about those who are making a difference, sources of hope and many things we can do ourselves right now to help getting constructive solutions out to remote areas in India and elsewhere.

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