Aviation Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

Event Date & Time

April 21, 2013 – 7:00 PM


Mrs. Bhuvana Rao, Manager Air India, France

Event Details

Bhuvana Rao is the Manager –France for Air India responsible for the Commercial and operational functioning of Air India in France, Benelux and the Iberian peninsula. During her career in Air India, she has had the opportunity to work in several key areas of the airline from Pricing and Route Management to E-Commerce and Loyalty and gain broad experience in commercial airline management from a Corporate as well as an Operational perspective.
For all the glamour and glitz usually attached to it, the aviation industry has in fact always been one of the most demanding and challenging industries to do business in. Bhuvana will share with us some perspectives on the growth of the global aviation industry and commercial aviation in India.
She will briefly trace the stages in the evolution of the industry, highlighting the trends and forces that have shaped and transformed the global industry over the decades. She will give us an overview of the emerging scenario in Indian Aviation, the role of the National Carrier of India, Air India, and the opportunities and challenges facing it.


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