AUTOMOTIVE: What’s Next, Where & How “Make in India” can contribute (From an Insider’s perspective)

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March 26, 2017 – 7:00 PM


ASHWANI GUPTA, CEO, Renault Light Utility Vehicles

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ASHWANI GUPTA, CEO, Renault Light Utility Vehicles

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Ashwani Gupta is the Global Head of Light Commercial Vehicle Business Unit at Renault. He also serves as the President of the Renault LCV Engineering Division. Prior to that, as Global Program Director with Nissan Motor Corporation, he led Profitable Product development for the Datsun Brand product line-up in emerging markets.

Ashwani has had an illustrious career with Renault as the DGM of Global Purchasing Strategy. He was Responsible for Renault Nissan Alliance Purchasing strategy and he also served as the General Manager (Purchasing), at Renault India. Ashwani has also held various positions starting from commodity buyer to Head of New Model development at Honda, India and Japan.

Head of New Model development at Honda, India and Japan. Ashwani has done his executive General Management Program from INSEAD before pursuing his Advance Management Program from Harvard Business School. He speaks Japanese aside from English and Hindi.

Event Topic
In his talk, Ashwani will give insights into How two main disruptions “Exploding Markets : BRICS” and “Technology : EV/Autonomous” will drive the automotive trends. He will also explain what is really meant by “Make In India” and How it can be realized as a business opportunity to contribute to the economy by citing an example of Renault India with a deep dive on Kwid.

IPA, France is honoured to have Mr Ashwani Gupta as the chief guest.

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