Au Coeur du Nagaland

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February 23, 2014 – 7:00 PM


Joel Cadiou & Shelley Boyd

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Joel Cadiou is a Parisian Artist/Photographer who works and lives between France and India. His Indian adventure started with acquisition of a rundown palace in Rajasthan which he has restored over the last 20 years to its former glory with his mother. Today this property serves as a cultural centre and is his home away from home.
Joel has photographed all facets of Indian life and has recently finished a subject about the tribal regions of Nagaland. Working in close collaboration with the Indian Government Officials in the Mon District, Joel was able to live and interact with the Konyak people, learning about their unique and fascinating lifestyle from the past and also getting a glimpse into the monumental changes for the future of the young. This photographic work is currently being shown at the Museum of Asian Art in Nice, France.
Joel studied arts at ESAG Penninghen and is an international Freelance Photographer and has participated in multiple art exhibitions throughout Europe and Asia since 2000.
Shelley Boyd is an American freelance photography production agent and photographer. Her experience has been in photo journalism covering the war zones in Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia. Her work has brought her into the heart of political conflict and the spheres of power with the politicians who make decisions for all of us.
Shelley’s fascination with India started in 2002 and has accompanied Joel Cadiou during many of his voyages in India and around the world. Shelley has worked with Indian and French charities helping impoverished women and children in the rural districts of Aryana on the Satjya Jyoti Farm.
Together, Shelley and Joel will share their experience and their love for India and take you to a travel in the heart of Nagaland.


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