Annual General Meeting

Event Date & Time

March 31, 2019 – 6:00 PM

Event Details

Naren Gokarn, President
Anuradha Kanniganti, General Secretary
Sam Tanigas, outgoing Treasurer
Vinod Kumar, incoming Treasurer
Ramesh Bahl (IPA R&R)
Prem Puri, MC member (Website)
Hina Wadhwa (IPA Day coordinator)

Event Description

6:00 - 6:30 pm Cocktail
6:30 - 8:30 pm General Assembly
8:30 - 9:30 pm Dinner

Recalling the purpose of the General Assembly, an important annual event for any association.
- It gives a unique opportunity to the attending members to express their views on the running of the association.
- It allows the President to provide the summary of the association’s activities during his tenure.
- The Treasurer makes the presentation of the Balance Sheet for general approval.
- In case of the change of President-ship, the new Working Committee is introduced.
- An itemised provisional budget depending on the estimated income in the new year is proposed for acceptance.
- An yearly programme with provisional dates of the events is proposed.
- Any new propositions in the Rules and Regulations are explained, discussed and then ratified by two third majority votes for implementation.
- Updated members list is made available. All the arrivals and departures are announced.
- Any new ideas or comments are entertained and discussed for improving the attractiveness of the association.
- General Secretary makes sure that all the items of the Agenda have been covered and is responsible for circulating the minutes.


  1. In memoriam: Fondly remembering Naresh Shah
  2. Annual accounts
    • Balance Sheet of 2018  (Sam)
    • Proposed itemised Budget for 2019  (Vinod)
  3. Report on membership status on 31st March 2019  (Naren/Anuradha)
  4. Report on activities in the past year 2018   (Naren/Anuradha)
  5. Initiatives and changes achieved till date    (Naren/Anuradha)
  6. Demonstration of new website features and proposed improvements   (Prem)
  7. Proposed changes to RR by the MC for the general vote for acceptance   (Ramesh)
  8. IPA Day:
    • Discussion on goals of IPA Day (Anuradha)
    • Decision concerning the Topic for IPA Day 2019 (programmed for June 8, 2019)   (Hina)
    • Presentation of a framework for the event (Hina)
  9. Proposed initiatives for the coming year(s)
    • Ten-year vision for IPA   (Prem)
    • Proposals of collective projects for the coming years   (Working committee)
    • Membership drive and efforts to integrate new members   (Deepak)
    • New events (Working committee)
      1. Happy Hour get-together (When, Where & Participation cost?)
      2. Picnic, Group visits (Cultural or Industrial)
  10. Diverse
    • Tentative program roll-out for the year 2019   (Anuradha)
    • Call for volunteers for different working committees    (Naren)
    • News concerning members     (Anuradha)
Annexes (to be provided shortly):  Modified R&R;  Vision statement 

Participation Fee

30 € for Dinner. IPA members can use coupons if applicable.

Mode of Payment:

By cheque in the name of the restaurant or credit card


Jodhpur Palace, 42 Allée Vivaldi, 75012 Paris, Tel: 01 43 40 72 46

Tenue de Ville

Timely arrival requested to facilitate better interactions with members, guests and new members.

RSVP closed as this is a past event.