Aesthetic Surgery past and present of a growing worldwide business

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February 24, 2013 – 7:00 PM


Dr. Robin Mookherjee

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Dr Mookherjee is a French plastic surgeon working in Paris. He was born and brought up in his first years in India before starting his Medical school in Paris and specializing in Plastic and reconstructive Surgery. He has been named Interne des hopitaux de Paris”(resident) in 1979 then “Chef de Clinique chirurgicale a la faculté ”in 1985 and worked as Senior consultant at Lariboisiere Hospital in Plastic Surgery.
At the same time he cofounded “Operation Smile” at “Medecins du monde” to develop humanitarian plastic surgery in countries devastated by war like Vietnam, Cambodia, Bosnia, and Rwanda..
He established a private practice of aesthetic surgery in Paris in 1988. He has published several scientific articles on new technics in plastic surgery He has always been interested by the differences of cultures concerning beauty and aesthetic demands throughout the world.
He will explain how aesthetic surgery has come to become such an important aspect of modern life and how this has created a worldwide business.


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