A close look at modernisation of some aspects of Indian Society – through the eyes of a French Ethnologist and Researcher

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March 27, 2016 – 7:00 PM


Sandrine Prévot, Ethnologist and Researcher, CEIAS

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Sandrine Prévot, Ethnologist and Researcher, CEIAS

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Sandrine is an ethnologist and a researcher affiliated to CEIAS, Centre of India and South Asian Studies, in Paris. After completing her Masters degree in Economic sciences at Bordeaux IV University, Sandrine did a PhD on Raika, sheep and camel breeders in Rajasthan, at the Nanterre university. She wrote two books on indian culture: “les éleveurs Raika en Inde” and “Inde: Comprendre la culture des castes”.

In her other area of expertise in qualitative consumer research, Sandrine studies decision-making, symbolic and emotional reasons, functional reasons, brand image to identify product and service opportunities. Her interest is also to understand how cultural issues influence the behavior and decisions. She believes that cultural issues are central to globalization and international relations.

Event topic
In her talk, she will speak about the evolution of pastoralism in India, through the Raika community, from a sociological point of view. She will focus on how the modernization of India has changed the lives of these traditional communities and pushed them to quit their profession in an attempt to move up the social ladder.

Indian Professionals Association, France is honoured to have Ms Sandrine Prévot as the chief guest speaker.

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